2016 will be fantastic!

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Once again the festival season is underway and once again Transmitter will be extremely busy performing live on a stage near you, so if you missed us last year or simply want to experience Transmitter again, now is your chance to see us live.

We will be continuing our Smaschine tour throughout  2016 bringing you brand new tracks and a show you won't forget, so don't miss it!! Check out all the latest tour dates right here where we'll keep you updated and let you know ASAP.

See you soon!
Jeff, Mo & Stefan.


Blender Festival, Aalst (B)

Aalst is a beautiful little town just outside of Brussels, it´s also home to the Blender Festival which takes place every year and this summer they invited us to play, so we said yes and to be honest, didn´t know what to expect.   

When we got there we met the backstage team and settled down for a few hours and relaxed until it was time to unleash the Storm!  

At precisely 11:10 we started our intro and when the first track (The Box) kicked in a few people seemed to be surprised that we were not a Prodigy cover band....a couple of songs later and the crowd started to move around and dance, so we knew we were doing something right...after all we are good at blending in, we have enough experience in that department. (We once played at a thrash metal club in Harrogate, England) That was fun :) Alcohol and music do go well together but sometimes too much local Flemish beer can block your senses and distort your balance, so it didnt surprise us to see a hell of a lot of people trying their hardest to `Get into the groove´ but failing and then eventually falling, those who managed to stay on their feet were doing their very best and just enjoying the show. At around 12:30 we played our final track (Crossed Swords) which went down really well, but it was getting late and we realised that it had been a very long day for most and was time to say goodbye to this wonderful small town. Vaarwel Blender!   

We just want to thank everyone who took part in front of, and behind the stage, so cheers to all of you and sleep well, Goodnight Aalst.



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